Air freight from Dunkirk

Marquis Transport & Logistics is an international transport service provider with a strong European network. We do air freight from Dunkirk to all Europe and internationally. Our strength? Our values, our team and our relationship with our partners.

Specialized for several years in the transport of air freight, everything is implemented with the necessary training for the secure air transport of goods in Dunkirk.

Marquis Transport and Logistics has more than 60 years of experience in Northern France, which is rare in the air freight industry. This experience reassures you that your goods are in good hands.

In addition to reliable transportation from A to Z, you can also count on us for our “value-added services”. This means that your cargo containers are tracked and traced 24 hours a day using state-of-the-art equipment. Based on this data, we can estimate the arrival time of your cargo to the minute. This estimated time of arrival is continuously updated, so you know where you stand as a customer.

Why choose Marquis Transport and Logistics for your air cargo in Dunkirk?

Our teams are at your disposal for any air freight operation:

  • Our international network extends around the world.
  • Consistent scheduling with air freight services.
  • Web-based services for easy data access and convenient ordering.
  • Tracking and tracing available throughout the shipment journey for complete visibility.
  • Full documentation and customs clearance assistance (MTL is certified as a Customs Reporter).

Marquis Transport and Logistics is the guarantee of quality service

With access to an extensive network of air hubs, the group guarantees seamless air cargo shipping solutions. Services are based on a portfolio of preferred and audited carriers for air shipments.

To ensure the quality of our services, we constantly measure and evaluate the punctuality of our partners. In addition, we have high security complexes to protect your stocks and goods at all times.