Values and history of Marquis Transport and Logistics

My top priority for tomorrow is to continue our European development, while ensuring that people are at the center of our thinking because all our projects must aim to improve “living better” together and individually!”


What values does MTL protect?

Many values have made MTL the go-to ally for its client-partners. They are shared within and by each of our employees, among them are:

  • Preserving the environment
  • Respecting the interests of customers  by putting them at the center of its concerns
  • Fairness and responsibility in the marketplace
  • Fundamental human rights
  • Protecting employees
  • Promoting diversity
  • Use of cleaner energy
  • Fighting corruption
  • Close collaboration with suppliers

MTL is also a PRO philosophy:

  • An Ethic : Our vision of human relations
  • A goal-oriented culture : : Our positioning as a proposal force
  • Citizens of the world : Our commitment to our planet
  • Our philosophy : Our “Win/Win” customer relationships

MTL History

The history of Marquis Transport and Logistics began in 1961 with the creation of the company by Mr. André Marquis. At that time, the initial corporate object was the sale of coal, liquid or gaseous fuels, potatoes in wholesale, semi-wholesale and retail. The company then developed very quickly in terms of its activity and its size.

In fact, in1962, the field of activities extended to the automobile transport before buying a business of transport in 1965 and to register in the register of renters in 1966. The company was then taken over by Mr. Eric Marquis in 1985 to know the current extensions and developments while keeping the same family values since its creation.

Several evolutions were then born to obtain the MTL that we know today.

Our history


Creation of the SSTM (Société Synthoise de Transport et de Manutention).


Purchase of an old farmhouse of 4052m2 in Téteghem.


Extension of the activity to logistics / obtaining the first contracts.


Construction of a logistics warehouse.


Construction of two 4,000 m² warehouses.


The company’s capital is increased to 1 000 000 Frs.


Purchase of a 4,000 m² warehouse.

1996 – 2002

New organization: development of activities, extension of the Téteghem site, strategy of global logistics operator and transport organizer.


New phase of development of the means of transport and start of the freight forwarding activity.


Implementation of on-board computing and barcode management for logistics.


Creation of the environmental management system and preparation for iso 9001 certification.

Dec. 2007

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.

March 2014

Development of waste transport in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Juil. 2014

Obtaining the AEO certification.

Nov. 2014

Obtaining the SQAS certification.

Dec. 2014

Development of the transport of hazardous materials, from class 3 to 9 except 7.


Obtaining the Qualimat Transport certification.


Adherence to the Objectif C02 Charter.