Our logistics solutions

Marquis Transport and Logistics provides you with solutions that guarantee visibility and tracking from one end of the supply chain to the other. For your storage and supply we have a site of 8 hectares (30 000 m²) covered and secured, as well as 13 logistics warehouses where the dispatching of your goods, the handling of containers, the management of stocks, and the preparation of orders takes place. Our logistics solutions allow you to reach the best level of performance, visibility and precision that is.

We guarantee the routing of your goods and merchandise at the national and international level via adapted means.

Our teams manage the logistics, preparation, packaging, delivery, etc… An experienced team that accompanies you throughout the process to answer all your questions.

Marquis Transport and Logistics offers solutions that allow you to :

  • Simplify logistics,
  • Get connected quickly,
  • Save money,
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

At Marquis Transport and Logistics, we offer you solutions adapted to your needs and your sectors of activity, while guaranteeing an exceptional and unparalleled level of service.

Logistics services adapted to your needs

Marquis Transport and Logistics offers you customized solutions with great precision and without delay. The services offered by our company are multiple, namely

  • Loading / Unloading
  • Movement of containers
  • Small bulk management
  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Preparation of orders
  • Labeling
  • Quality control according to specifications
  • Container unloading
  • FIFO inventory management
  • Inventory