Road transport company in Dunkirk

At your road transport company in Dunkirk, we have been dealing with road transport for several years. For all your journeys in the Grand-Nord region (Nord-pas-de-Calais, Picardie, Ile de France) but also everywhere in France and in Europe our vehicles are at your service. These vehicles are of several types: semi-trailer, tautliner, carrier, LCV…  able to carry out a road transport under controlled temperature as well as the transport of coils in pit.

Without forgetting that if you have needs in transport in pulverulent tanks (flat or tilting), Tippers, Truck crane, Carrier-tank…, we will know how to satisfy you.

An OPEN BOX is also available to meet your multi-silhouette requirements.

50 road transport vehicles at your disposal

Our road transport vehicles are at your disposal:

  • For the traction of containers
  • For the transport of tank containers “TANK”
  • For international or national road transport as well as in Europe
  • For work in the largest European ports (Dunkirk, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre…)
  • To handle or store your containers on a secure site.

Road transport company in Dunkirk in search of a constant quality

Marquis Transports and Logistics, your road transport company rich in experience and quality in Dunkirk, is committed to a constant quality approach.

Our transport vehicles can provide multipurpose chartering. This means that we can take care of your goods from the transport order to the delivery to your customer or distributor.

To succeed in our challenge of offering you a quality service, we implement among our commitments:


For example, all products are meticulously selected so that they are always compatible with each other.


We always do our best to meet the delivery and processing deadlines of all cases. We strongly encourage our colleagues to share these same values.


All our vehicles and equipment are regularly maintained: tires, mechanical and safety equipment.


Every vehicle and every commodity is closely monitored using the latest tracking methods.


All operational and commercial data is not disclosed to any other organization.


We constantly train our colleagues, especially the drivers, in order to respect the standards in force and the rules of the road.


All our drivers have the necessary protective equipment for the activity and the products transported.