Marquis Transport and Logistics and green logistics

Marquis Transport and Logistics Dunkirk is the partner that can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Indeed, as a logistics company, we take the responsibility to be an example in our sector in terms of sustainable development. This can be done by reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and setting goals that contribute to the well-being of the environment. Over the years, we have decided to opt for innovative and increasingly green logistics solutions. These environmental actions do not compromise service levels.

Benefits of green logistics

There are several benefits to adopting green logistics. Among them is the conquest of new customers, the reduction of costs and the reduction of the carbon footprint. This is why Marquis Transport and Logistics decided to adopt it in its strategy. Green logistics is in fact a safe investment in the long term. You can read more about it on our page that talks about our CSR policy.

Attracting new customers with green logistics

Caring about the environment, a point that goes beyond the trend, is today a primordial action. And many purchasing habits are affected. This means that a company or an individual could give up a service or a product if they learn that it is harmful to the environment. Even if they have been using it for several years. Therefore, not only the finished products but even the supply chain must adapt, to become more ecological than ever, at the risk of losing customers.

Marquis Transport and Logistics Dunkirk joins green logistics not only for the environment itself but also for you, its loyal customers.

Reduce costs with green logistics

How can green logistics help reduce costs? It is in fact by aiming at shortening the routes, using less fuel and less non-recyclable packaging. It’s the time to change and adapt that can be a bit time consuming at the beginning but it will gradually stabilize to give way to an economic gain later on.

There is a tendency to believe that going green in the supply chain would mean an unnecessary financial risk. However, it can actually help improve operations and management. Several world-class companies testify to the benefits they have experienced with a green logistics process.

Reduce carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint is the primary goal of many companies, including Marquis Transport and Logistics Dunkirk. Here are some concrete actions that it has undertaken to this effect:

Purchase of “clean” vehicles, eco-driving training, speed reduction, ECO² commercial offer, promotion of public transport and cycling, control and management of consumables and consumption (water/energy)…