Outsourcing your logistics easily and safely

outsource your logistics

Logistics outsourcing can be suitable for any type of company. It offers several advantages, notably in terms of cost, time saving, organization and risk management. What are the constraints that disappear when you apply the outsourcing of your logistics?

Less risk

Outsourcing logistics operations reduces risks and errors. This concerns as well the management of the personnel as the internal organization. Finished the problems related to the purchase and the maintenance of the machines and the vehicles of transport, the management of the stocks and the accountancy, Marquis Transports and Logistics supports them for you. In other words, you can forget all the constraints and risks of errors related to logistics.

Better administrative management

With the outsourcing of your logistics, also called 3PL logistics (third party logistics), you have less staff to manage and therefore you do not manage all the administrative and fiscal charges that are incumbent on it (management of payroll, recruitment, dismissal, management of vacations etc.). This will allow your company to focus on other tasks and not have additional costs related to logistics.

Control of flows

When you entrust your logistics to a third party, you concentrate on your core business. This will result in a better control of the flows and therefore better quality products and services as well as undeniable productivity.

Outsource your logistics with Marquis Transport

Thus, you should know that Marquis Transports et Logistique has been the expert logistics provider in this field in Dunkirk for over 60 years. It is able to perfectly control the flows and logistics costs related to your business.

Marquis Transports et Logistique Dunkerque, the expert in the field to lend you a hand at the right time. We manage all types of transport: road, sea or air, and this at the international level from Dunkerque.

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